Who Are We?
 he Knights of Columbus Archdiocesan Association of Ottawa represents all the member knights, councils and assemblies in    the Archdiocese of Ottawa.  The Association’s broad goal is to serve, support, and provide good communications for    our members and to co-ordinate select activities that its members wish done on a larger, diocesan scale, rather than a       smaller local scale. he Association helps in the dissemination of useful information, about our councils, our assemblies, our church, our faith   and organizational events, degrees and key programs for all association members. This is done through meetings, e-   mails, bulletins, our website and training seminars.  he Association does co-ordinate some events and projects that a council or a district cannot do alone.  Such events are   done on behalf of all member knights with all councils and assemblies participating for a common goal.  Examples include   officer training seminars and regional fundraising campaigns such as coats for kids campaign and the Provincial Special Olympics.   The Association’s role is to co-ordinate and help organize funding activities.  Fundraising is generally the responsibility of each  member council and/or assembly and their contributions are pooled for each Diocesan Association project.  The Association does not  compete with any council activity.   he Association has a unique opportunity to foster one of our Knights of Columbus guiding principles, fraternity. It   presents an opportunity for members from other councils, assemblies and parishes to meet and learn from each other   and become friends, become brother knights.  Shared information, shared experiences, shared activities and fun events make us   grow in fraternity, be brothers and be better men.   ember councils elect the Association’s officers annually and the association holds at least two business meetings each   year which are open to all member knights.